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Help protect the most vulnerable from Coronavirus

Save lives today - prevent Coronavirus for those living in extreme poverty!

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Protecting the most vulnerable from Coronavirus

In the international response to this pandemic, things are changing on a daily basis. Those living in rural villages are often overlooked and the most vulnerable to serious impact by diseases like Covid-19.

There are many pressing needs and concerns for these communities. Training villages how to recognize symptoms and use tools like social distancing to proactively prevent the spread of sickness. Access to clean water and soap for washing hands. Making and wearing masks. Food security for people to feed their families. Coronavirus is disrupting all of this.

Be a Helper.

Because of how quickly restrictions and policies are changing, Transformational Community Development workers are innovating as they work with communities to identify specific needs for that community and to get them resources to prepare before Coronavirus reaches them. Your support makes it possible to reach these villages, sometimes in new ways because of this pandemic.

You participation shows the importance of clean water and washing hands, and can teach communities to make soap and masks. You may also be helping provide food to a community. TCD workers are prepared to train and teach using CDC/WHO based curriculum to prevent the spread of Coronavirus among those living in poverty. Please help us to provide as much training as possible with your financial support.

Thank you!