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Restore hope while these villagers and refugees, working together

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Restore hope while these villagers and refugees, working together

IDPs finding hope alongside villagers, food is at a critical point due to isolation

Update on April 29, 2020

Our village friends have been helping the IDPs learn wellness and working to help them have food and clean water. However, due to isolation and other impacts, food is now at a critical point. Below email was just received sharing the current urgent need....

Our TCD partners in Western Myanmar are in a desperate situation. The on-going conflict between the Arakan Army and Burmese Military has escalated in recent weeks, with an expected peak in fighting in Paletwa Township to occur this week. Thousands of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) have flooded Paletwa town and local food stocks have been depleted, tripling the price of rice in local markets.
Our TCD partners have taken in 300 IDPs but are critically low on food. We are working with a partner NGO, with permission and assistance from the Burmese government, to transport critical food aid to our partners. We need to raise $2500 USD to meet this immediate need, providing basic food needs for these 300 IDPs for two weeks.

Please give as your budget allows, and from your heart. It will save lives...


Today, there is still a need, at least until a plan to generate income can be developed!

Today's update:
It has been ten months since the conflict initially forced communities in Rakhine State to flee for their lives. The impact of fighting has displaced more then 25,000 people, and has spread to impact ares of Southern Chin State as well.

In partnership with GHNI, the village of Myat Hlae has continued to serve the local IDP camp which has grown to over 800 people. Food aid, as well as shelter materials, have been the primary needs in this camp. As the conflict has continued, the village of Myat Hlae is finding themselves in need of aid as well. Due to the conflict, they have been unable to tend to their fields in 2019 and by their estimation, do not have enough food to last until the next harvest.

The community is struggling to find alternative sources of income with which to purchase the food they will need. As such, GHNI is partnering with the local TCD committee to host micro enterprise training next month. Our hope is that this training will help the community develop new streams of income to help them weather this conflict. However, in the meantime, additional aid is needed while they work towards these goals.

The original report, from December 2018 below:

On Dec. 13, 2018, fighting between the Arakan Army and Myanmar Army forced residents of several villages in Rakhine State to flee their homes. The fighting has intensified in the last few days. Two of these communities, Kyaukse' Taung and Pyinnya Gyi, have participated in GHNI sponsored TCD training this year. Tragically, in Kyaukse, Taung village, the local committee had completed their first seed project only days before the fighting forced them to leave. Here is a report from Aye, GHNI Staff in Myanmar, on the beginning of the TCD program in Kyaukse, Taung:

"One week after TCD Training in November, Saya Aung Min formed a TCD committee with 13 villagers. They started a small seed project with children to collect trash in the village. After that, the committee mobilized some youth and they build three latrines for the community. Two already finished and one is in the process. They don't have funds for the plan. But they are convincing the community to build for their own latrine. Their plan is the community will help each other with the labour and the family will shoulder some amount for the materials. But now, they have to leave everything because of the fighting."

GHNI has been working in a nearby village, Myat Hlae, since the beginning of 2015. The local village champion has taken it upon himself to spread TCD to other communities, and he and his committee are organizing a relief effort to provide immediate aid to over 500 internally displaced persons (IDPs). One hundred and sixteen of the IDP's are camped a half day from Myat Hlae, with 377 more a days journey up the river. Immediate needs that GHNI will be helping with are as follows:

  • food
  • drinking water
  • medicine
  • blankets
  • clothing
  • temporary shelter

Local organizations have responded by gathering rice from nearby villages to help meet their need, but the area is one of the poorest in Myanmar and additional relief is needed.