I'll bring help and hope to WR Village

I'll bring help and hope to WR Village image


raised towards $90,000 goal


WR Village in Sri Lanka is filled with people who live with chronic illness, insufficient education, are often undernourished and are living without hope. Most men and women work on tea and rubber plantations making $1.5 - $2 per day. This is only enough for the average family to feed their children one scoop of rice each day and a small portion of meat once a week. Most of the children are undernourished creating mental and physical development problems and long-term health issues. Often, all adults work, leaving the children without the necessary oversight of a parent to raise them. Due to this, children are often pulled out of school early to work on the plantations. Thus, resulting in high risk of exploitation, losing out on opportunities and diminishing sources of hope for a brighter future.