Support Daniel Emig's efforts to bring help and hope. image

Support Daniel Emig's efforts to bring help and hope.

Will you join Daniel Emig in his work to end poverty?

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Daniel experiences Transformational Community Development (TCD) as the best means for helping the poor out of all impoverished areas of life. He brings into GHNI over 21 years of international experience focused on training/teaching, mentoring and managing. He and his family lived in Romania(Bucharest) for 9 years.

Daniel has a Masters' Degree in Education (Technology) from the University of Georgia, where he also taught technology courses full time for 2 years.

He has been married to Nora since 1992. They have three wonderful children, Jonathan, Bryan and Eliana, and reside in Monument, Colorado. Each of them enjoyed the adventures of living in Eastern Europe, and are excited about future venture life offers.

He says …

"I and our work in GHNI seek to help the poorest of the poor become self-sustaining and human in the fullest sense. Using location-based relationships and local resources, GHNI allows these to be the catalyst of change discovered and embraced. Via our mentoring on, and access to, water, food, wellness(health), education, and finances; individuals and communities are freed to develop and grow in their own cultural context."